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08 January 2016 @ 09:50 am
Sometimes, it shocks me when I realize how long in this Incarnation I've been on my Path. It seems like yesterday that I found a Sybil Leek book in a used bookstore and realized THAT'S WHAT I THINK!!!!! Not as big of a shock as the weight I've gained since the same time period though;>.
Things change. Back then there was what today is mostly called British Traditionalist Wicca and Pagans. The Pagans weren't non-lineage Wiccans either. And my Spiritual Life was FILLED with Ritual....and Tools.
4 decades later, the alt-religion world has changed. BTW is a Minority and Pagans, for the most part are those that use Wiccan methodology. And Me? Rites are short with minimal Tools. I'm more likely to Interact Deity to Human than Pantheon to Human or even more General God/dess to Human. Definitely a Pantheist today;>!
Not that my Altar isn't cluttered as always;>! Truth is, I've not used most Tools in decades. Just don't have close friends on the Path to give them to. Besides, they pretty;>! Take Yule. All I used was a mug(a nice one from my great-aunt's estate though;>), a bottle of hard cider and Incense sticks(the good kind!). Truthfully, I spend at least the same amt of time if not more with Those the Rite is for than I did back in my "Bells & Smells" days; all the schlepping of materials, the setting up, the using them THEN the breaking down and cleaning up. Not that they WEREN'T needed then. It takes YRS of doing something to get to the point you can do the same thing "freestyle" and have the same Effect on Spiritual, Mental AND Physical Realms.
So Remember, some of us "Old Farts" aren't just Lazy(though we've certainly been through enough to be TIRED;>), it's just the Experience that has Freed us to CHOSE because even though we may not NEED all the "geegaws" they're still Fun and Pretty;>!
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Jilljilly_bear on January 11th, 2016 01:26 pm (UTC)
And here I thought I was just being lazy! LOL I find that I don't use a lot of tools either - except candles. I love candles and fire and do so much more candle magic than I used to because it's quick and easy.

When I was younger and had children to attend, I did so much much more outside the house and in. I thought then that once my children were grown I would be this little old lady that sits at home and watches TV with her cats... boy was I wrong! I seem to be even more busy now! So quick and easy works for me.
mdehnersmdehners on January 11th, 2016 03:12 pm (UTC)
I find I'm a lot busier now that I'm Retired than when I was Working...probably 'cause I was too tired to START anything;>!
Part with Time comes decreased Energy and you tend to use it more Wisely, even in the Spiritual areas of your life. You want more "Bang" for your "Buck";>.
You also tend to have less Patience with just fardling about. I can remember when it took at least an hour just to get Garbed(Meditation, Ritual Bath,etc). Now, a shower(in the proper Mindset) and some Oil and we're ready to "Rock & Roll";>!
And one thing that is seldom brought up is that almost everyone on the "alt.religion" Path is DRAMA. The sort of dirty secret is we all had to some degree an attraction to the Theatricalness in those Ways. For most of us, that part/phase passes(usually 'cause of the amt of WORK involved,esp if you're mostly Solitary;>).....
Pat(Whose "Bugout Bag" includes a bag of Runestaves, everything else I generally wear or can improvise from the surrounding materials;>)