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19 February 2016 @ 10:39 am
The Early Spring Garden....  
Well, the weird weather continues. It’s not the Day-Night temp swings, it’s the weekly ones that are annoying the hel out of me and “messing” with my Green Buddies. All the narcissi finished last month when normally they’d be in prime form NOW. Luckily, nothing Woody has broken Dormancy. Some of the bulbs have(Lilies, Tritonias, Watsonias, etc). Haven’t seen any of the Hardy Annuals I’ve planted sprout but that may be more due to the lack of Rainfall than temps.
The Citrus trees have all been fertilized(Organic, of course;>), everyone else is getting to wait till the 1st week of March. I removed a patch of ‘Red Dragon’ Persicaria and replaced it with Dutch Iris. When I moved in last yr I didn’t know that that area in Summer was Ful Sun instead of Part Shade which it is this time of yr. Haven’t figured out where to plant the clump yet, o I just potted it up for now.
Am pretty disappointed with the Daikons and Long Onions. Perhaps the seed was too old for both. Zip germination for the latter and krappy growth on the former. The Turnips OTOH have been producing both Greens and rootcrop for the last 2 months. I like young turnips like radishes; a little seasalt and nothing else. They’re good in Pickles too;>!
I’m focusing this yr more on Ornamental than Crop plantings. Two White-blossomed plants I plan to get is an alba form of an early Hibiscus hybrid and that of an old fashioned Pentas. I like the latter so much better than the modern hybrids. They’re big plants that produce a great show and are always covered with Pollinators. I used to have a small collection of these Heirloom forms but am down to a single Pink and Rose Bicolor that grows the size of a rosebush and has come back regularly for me every yr for the last decade. The others didn’t.
Fragrant plants that attract Butterflies And Hummingbirds, preferably White Flowered are the choice, at least this yr;>! Colour to be provided by a few different Salvias and Japanese Imperial Morning Glories.
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