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06 March 2016 @ 10:06 am
With the local Spring Harbingers in full fig(Azaleas and Redbud blossoms, Maple sprouts), it’s time to clear away the obviously Winter-killed. Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials, Ornamental Grasses(and Culinary as in Lemongrass, which IS actually pretty Ornamental after a couple yrs;>), dieback of various shrubs, etc. I noticed some of the Hardy Annuals are germinating, esp. the Queen Anne’s Lace. Because the Winter was so Mild here on the Florida Gulf Coast this yr, many things that normally don’t make it DID. The White flowered Black-Eyed Susan Vines and one of the Moonflower Vines as well as all the Salvia concinna forms I grew(White and Pink).
Noticed that the Lankonese Lily main bulb died ‘cause there are a dozen(at least) small sprouts where last yr there was one. In Fall I’ll have to dig a couple to the front yard. Of the seedlings started indoors, the White Iceplant, Gomphena and Verbena have germinated. The Iceplant is doing so well today I potted the seedlings up. I’ve small areas in both courtyards(and outside) that only receive Rainfall so they’d do well in our Sandy soil.
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