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08 April 2016 @ 09:58 am
Finally! Everything for Summer Planted, repotted, potted up, etc. There ARE a few things though, some of the true Tropicals that need soil to be above 60F so they won’t go in until the end of the month….normally. The last decade there’s been fewer and fewer of those though. And, of course those spontaneous purchases;>!
The Stratified seeds are all out now and the Shiso are germinating like weeds. Not only tasty but attractive. A lot of folks think it’s a Red sun-tolerant Coleus;>. The Guava took minor Frost damage this yr so I should get at least a couple fruits. The ‘Ugli’ Tangerine is blooming but that last cold snap may have injured them since a lot of them are dropping and not Taking. The Yuzu Lemon has broken Dormancy but no blossoms YET. The Persimmon has done so as well but no sign of buds. Well, maybe next yr;>…..
Got some long put off projects done; a xeric, Sun-loving shrub had been planted in moist Shade so I moved it to the other side of the house in Full sun in very Sandy Soil, It already looks happier! I also renewed an old sodded over flowerbed. I discovered about 6’ down that there was a sprinkler servicing it. I figure it’s been buried at least a decade.
A couple days ago the weather broke and it was warm and dry enough to have Dinner out on the patio…much to the cats’ disgust;>. My SIL said she saw her 1st Hummingbird a couple days ago so I’ve put up the main one and today will finish filling and hanging the others. It always amuses me that we’ve had more Hummingbirds here at Royal Oaks than we EVER did when we lived on HUMMINGBIRD;>!
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