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24 April 2016 @ 11:29 am
Last Seedlings.....  
At least this Spring;>! The seeds that needed Stratifying all had true leaves and got potted up into their final pots before transplanting them outside; Shiso and White Monarda(hopefully. You know OP seeds;>). The Shiso are colouring up nicely. At Hummingbird I didn’t have to ever start them; at some time the previous owner had and they’d Naturalized so whenever I needed some I just went out and cut some. It also makes a nice tea. The blossom colour of the Monarda has nothing to do with the flavor, I just think it’ll go better with the other flowering plants I’ve got going.
The Caladiums are in as well. They’d all sprouted in the growing room and since a missed tuber from last yr’s planting sprouted, I figured it was safe for the rest. They’re sort of a substitute for my Taro and Ornamental Colocasia collection I didn’t bring ‘cause I didn’t have room here for. Next yr I’m going to “splurge” and try some of those small Thai hybrids for the Shady areas. Last Winter was so mild here that the Angelwing Begonias I left out only lost about 50% of their biomass. The one’s with spared growth tips are blooming at present.
Sadly, none of the ‘Ugli’ blossoms “took” again this yr. It’s SUPPOSED to be self fertile and there really isn’t enough room for another tree in the front courtyard. If it happens again next yr I’ll have to get a dwarf that’s compatible….not fun.
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